My First Public Blog Entry

My First Public Blog Entry

They say every start is difficult. My home page looked really awful so I decided to start a blog starting January 1. This first entry is just to get my software working.

As blog software I have chosen Drupal. You are now looking at a page that is under control of Drupal. Drupal is an easy to use and easy to install piece of blogging software. Also Drupal is a highly configurable piece of software. You can get the software here.

Drupal will store the blog data in a database of choice. You can either store it in Mysql or you can choose

PostgreSQL. I have chosen Mysql for the simple reason I already had it installed. The choice you make does not influence the functionality.

I usually work on OSX (Leopard) and there is a nice piece of software called MarsEdit2 that interfaces nicely with Drupal. It allows to edit the blog pages offline and update the blog entries through an XML interface

In the future I will write about various topics regarding Unix in general and OSX in particular. I will also discuss programming tools where my focus will be on Ruby which is the latest language I am trying to grasp.

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