Getting support on Groupcal 3

I am a registered user of the application Groupcal 3. Groupcal is an application that will sync your iCal calendar with an exchange server. It works great. After I upgraded to Leopard I discovered that the application won’t run anymore. First I thought, just go to the website of snerdware and get a new version.
Unfortunately things went different here…..

At the time they wrote on their website:

Because Apple made significant changes to the way OS X’s Sync Services operates in 10.5, Groupcal 3 currently does not work with OS X 10.5 and will require major changes. We expect that Groupcal could be 10.5 compatible in the first quarter of 2008. We’ll update this FAQ when we know more.

Since we have entered the first quarter I thought I should see if there is already some news on the website of the vendor snerdware. To my surprise the message can no longer be found on the website of the vendor.

So I registered myself as a user and used the web-based GUI to ask a question to the support desk.

After a minute or so I got a mail which I though would contain the confirmation. I was wrong:

Regarding your email to Snerdware


Because we get tens of spam communications for every valid one, we use some heavy-handed anti-spam mechanisms which can delete email messages before they become tickets in our support system.

Your e-mail to has been automatically deleted as spam because the subject and/or content contained common spam content and/or format. If this was in error, please re-submit either using a subject-line and/or content that prevents it from being interpreted as spam … or, better yet, create the ticket directly via our web-based interface at:



Snerdware Support

Snerdware, LLC.

The stupid thing is of-course that I entered the ticket through the GUI in the first place. This is a very effective method to keep question from coming in. I have tried half a dozen other combinations of content and subject and they all failed with the same message.

I guess I have now hit another threshold because the posts are no longer accepted.

Needless to say that none of my tries was spam….

Update: 04-04-2009; I just checked to see if the product has been updated. The site no longer exists.

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